Here I am. This is me. So what?

This is me standing here (frankly speaking, sitting on my bed in the pajama :P)…with huuuuge will to show how easy your life may be and how important is to start shaping it starting from each, small piece of yourself…from each morning, each word, each smile, each failure. I’ve lately read that e.g. if you want to conduct cultural transformation you just need to start with changing the way you speak to each other. Soooo easy!? So what? Sounds like a plan?

Not so fast Ladies & Gentleman 🙂

Though seems to be easy, you will sometimes become fast & furious before getting there. Yes. Even more often than sometimes. You will often say that you’re not going to read this shit anymore. Ooooohhh…I really wrote it down? 😛

Sure as hell I did. It’s not always easy (who said it will be 😉 ? ) but it is worth it.

Lesson no1.  Take it easy. Hold your horses. Relax.  Life is not so serious as you think Your tension, high volume conversations (nicely saying 😉 ), crying, not doing anything or making someone do something or whatever you do thinking that this is the only right way or if you cannot any other way – stop it. It will not cause your fairytale will touch reality.

Will not. No one had told you before? It’s already checked. Don’t try it at home. 🙂

Now focus. Who is the most important being that you need to take care of?

So what? Are you going to write your own story with you as a main character?

And me as a self-apointed fairy Godmother of course…:P

Do as you wish. But be careful – you may get it.

Have a great night today. Don’t waste it :*


Sure as Hell. She is. Here.



I would need to scream to reflect my attitude and level od energy when I think about this blog.

Is it easy? No. Does it bring money? Nooo. Not yet at least 😛 but it makes a difference to me. This is my space and I do wish to have you taking advantage from what I am sharing. This is sooooo powered by me. And soooooooo building that cannot be bad 😉

Sure as hell she is the one that makes a difference…just wait a moment or two 😍😍😍